Founders Bootcamp

Founders Bootcamp offers a unique opportunity to get practical advice from people, who created multiple successful companies, learn things you would never be able to find online. During the seminars we will try to set your company to win, we will try to cover all the topics from building a founding team to the art of securing venture funding for your company. You will get to know how Silicon Valley was build and what is a “secret sauce” of its success.

We know that early can mean raw, the founding teams may be incomplete, products unpolished, and business models lacking the cutting-edge.

We want participants to convince us that by spending a four days with World’s top entrepreneurs, investors, advisers and each other you will be able to prove that with a bit of seed investment, the right connections and a bit of support your company will change the world.

Selection criteria:

There are no firm selection criteria. But there are few rules, which meant to be broken (that’s what entrepreneurship is about.)

  1. Early stage. We prefer pre-launch. However, if launched, your product or service must not have attracted significant media attention already.
  2. Prior to applying to Founders Bootcamp, your project must never have raised serious money from an institutional investor (small amounts from friends, family and mentors are ok, but the key word is ‘small’).
  3. Totally committed. The fewer existing commitments you have, and the more you can do to prove you are determined, the better.
  4. We will accept teams from anywhere, so long as you can get by in English and Russian.
  5. We can admit up to 35 participants into the program.